5 Tips for Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Tanya Thompson 2016-10-09 18:00:00

For years, businesses – large and small - have thought that the best way to prevent identity theft is to shred important documents, internal paperwork, credit card receipts and so on. However, with a growing number of offices going paperless, we have now gone from paper shredding to hard drive destruction. This is now truly the best way to prevent identity theft in the long run.

In today's world, when you lack the proper digital security, unscrupulous individuals can gain access to your hard drive and steal a lot of your corporate and personal information. This can cause a significant amount of damage to your overall business reputation. And this isn't good.

When you perform a simple Google search on hard drive destruction, you will find countless articles and videos showcasing individuals chopping, burning or crushing their hard drives. Yes, they are entertaining, but oftentimes they are not as effective as you may believe.

Here are five tips for hard drive destruction:

Back up Your Data & Wipe Your Hard Drives

Before you partake in hard drive destruction, it is crucial to back up your data. This can be done by transferring the files to another hard drive or saving most of the documents on the cloud.

Once you have properly backed up your data then you will need to wipe your hard drives clean. You can utilize various free software tools to do this or you can purchase specialized programs to clean the hard drive. Although these are effective, computer experts can always retrieve data.

Take a Peek Inside Your Device

After you have backed up and wiped your hard drive, open up the hard drive and take a peek inside. You will notice chips, wires and other facets that make up the hard drive. The simple thing is to act like a child and cut the wires, damage the chips and so on.

Once again, this will limit any possibility of retrieving your information.

Magnetize Your Hard Drive

Do you own a giant magnet? If so, great! If not, well, go out purchase one immediately.

Although some believe in the idea that you can hold a magnet over a computer to erase the data, a large magnet can actually partially impact your hard drive. This is done by placing the immense magnet over the hard drive. Somehow this damages the hard drive itself.

To learn more about how magnets may destroy your electronics, check out the user discussion happening at Super User.

Participate in Shred-a-Thons

For the most part, community shred-a-thons are specifically for businesses, organizations and consumers with boxes of paper, documents and pages. However, sometimes a community shred-a-thon will hold a special event for hard drive destruction. When you need your 500 GB hard drive to be destroyed then take it to a shred-a-thon, which is mostly free for attendees.

Hire a Professional Shredder

The last thing you can do, if you don't feel like doing any of the aforementioned, is to hire a professional data shredder. These specialists will know how to effectively destroy your hard drives that no one will be able to gather the data that is sitting inside the hard drive.

Professional shredding services such as Shred-it UK have plenty of tools and machines to eviscerate your hard drive. One of these tools is an industrial shredder, which will obliterate the hard drive into pieces.

Hard drive destruction is the latest trend in the business world. With more companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations going paperless, the shredding industry will transition from paper to hard drives on a full-time basis. Well, at least in the developed world.

When your hard drive is overloaded with viruses, your business is updating its technology or you're looking to get rid of client or employee data then hard drive destruction is for you.