How to Start Recycling at Your Office

Adam Farias 2017-01-19 21:00:00

If you already recycle at home with your family, it makes perfect sense for you to want to recycle at work as well. If you know that your colleagues care about doing what they can to protect the environment, starting a recycling program at your office should be easy.

From deciding who will be in charge of the recycling program to installing perfect recycling stations, here are a few tips to make it easy for you and your colleagues to recycle at work.

1. Put someone in charge of your recycling program

Some things will need to change in your office if you want your new recycling program to be effective. If you don’t want to be the one in charge of the recycling program, ask someone with good ideas and a lot of authority to do it.

Ideally, the person in charge of purchasing office supplies should also be the one overseeing that everything goes well with the new recycling policies. If you want to learn about starting a recycling program, visit RecycleWorks for an informative guide.

2. Educate your employees

If you want your colleagues to take your recycling program seriously, you will need to let them know all about it. Send them an email, or even better, organize a reunion to discuss your new goals with everyone at the office.

You will need to make sure everyone knows what can be recycled and what can’t, and what they can do to help. Answer questions and ask for suggestions so everyone can feel like a part of the program.

3. Reduce and reuse

Recycling is great, but it’s even better if you can start by reducing the amount of office supplies you use, and by reusing anything that can be reused. Make sure your colleagues only print out what is necessary, and ask them to reuse boxes and large envelopes whenever possible.

Before purchasing new office supplies such as pens, pencils and binders, try to reuse the ones you already have until they simply can’t be used anymore. This will help reduce the amount of waste produced by your office.

4. Buy recycled products

Buying and using products made from recycled materials makes sense with your recycling program. When you need to purchase new paper or new envelopes, be sure that the ones you choose are made from at least a good percentage of recycled paper.

Toilet paper and tissue paper can’t be recycled, but they can still be made from recycled materials. This is an easy choice to make for the environment.

5. Purchase the right recycling stations

Investing in a few new recycling stations is an easy way to encourage your colleagues to use them. You can shop for recycling stations that match the colors and the style of your office, or you can opt for something that will stand out. Many styles and sizes are available.

Your recycling stations can be single stream, double stream, triple stream, or more, to make it simple for everyone to put recyclables at the right place. Visit Waste Wise Products to browse through a wide assortment of recycling stations.

6. Make your recycling stations accessible to everyone in the office

To make it even easier for everyone to recycle, be sure to install your recycling stations all over the office. It may be a good idea to place some explanatory signs above the recycling stations so your colleagues know exactly what they can put into each bin.

7. Think about other office supplies that can be recycled

Some office supplies can’t be put into a recycling bin, but they can still be recycled. Take a moment to check if some of your local stores are offering recycling programs for used batteries, old cell phones or fluorescent lights.